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Experienced within the trade, we draw upon our range of knowledge to provide unrivalled cooling systems for your home or business. At A,C,E Installations & Maintenance, we offer everything from air conditioning to electrical services, so get in touch with our experts when you require assistance from a team of reliable specialists. Situated in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, we offer an array of services to domestic and commercial customers within a 40-mile radius.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is one of the most efficient ways of creating the perfect working or living environment. With a selection of systems to choose from, such as single and multi-split wall-mounted units, ceiling cassette units, ducted units, and large VRFs (Variable Refrigerant Flow), we’re able to cater to any budget. We have the perfect solution for any room of any size or purpose, including:

  • Office Spaces
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Shops
  • Computer Server Rooms

We use a wide range of air conditioning companies, such as:

  • Mitsubishi™
  • LG™
  • Daikin™
  • Samsung™
  • Toshiba™
  • Fujitsu™
  • Panasonic™

Ventilation/Heat-Recovery Systems

Fresh air ventilation heat-recovery systems are designed to take the stale air from any working or living space and replace it with fresh outdoor air! During this process, heat and humidity are exchanged between the old and new fresh air, recovering up to 80% of lost heat energy and putting it straight back into the room from which it was taken. This is an incredibly efficient process of bringing in fresh outdoor air to your indoor environment.
As well as this, these ventilation systems are ideal for areas that suffer from damp or steamy conditions, including kitchens, bathrooms, and changing rooms. Remove lingering smells by having one of these systems installed as odours are replaced by fresh air.

Service & Maintenance

All air conditioning and ventilation systems need regular maintenance to keep them operating efficiently and to their maximum potential. Poorly maintained systems need to work up to three times as hard as necessary for them to provide the desired air quality and temperature, which can also lead to higher energy bills, bad odours, and damp problems.

Regular servicing ensures that your systems will continue to operate efficiently and effectively, as well as dramatically extend the system’s lifespan.

Air Conditioning Service: From £30 + VAT per Unit

Discount available for multiple units!

Electrical Services

Utilising our skills and expertise, we’re able to cater to both domestic and commercial customers. From adding a new power socket to re-wiring a property, our fully qualified and experienced electricians are on hand to help. Our electrical services consist of:

  • Small Power Installations
  • Lighting Installations
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Fire Alarm Installations
  • Security Alarm Installations
  • CCTV Installations
  • Distribution Board Upgrades
  • Electrical Testing & Commissioning
  • PAT Testing 
  • Emergency Lighting Installations
  • Full Re-Wire Installations

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